Strange And Creepy Halloween,Halloween Decor Ghost Manor – New Orleans Best Decorated Halloween House

Ghost Manor – New Orleans Best Decorated Halloween House

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The Best Decorated Halloween House

For the last 9 years, New Orleans Ghost Manor house on Magazine Street has been a must-see during Halloween. The manor is a Queen Anne Victorian built-in the year 1892 by Moise Waldron. The house has passed through numerous owners throughout the decades. In 2015 a video shot from a phone was displayed on FaceBook and got over a million views. Since then the house has been a must-see for all those who love Halloween displays.

Each year the display gets better, from the technology to the decor. It’s one of those displays that really are a fit for the area. In 2015 they added coordinated lighting effects and skeletal animatronics. It’s a must-see display if you’re in the New Orleans area during Halloween.

Ghost Manor Haunted Display 2022

Check out a video we found of their display from this year. It looks like each year they get better and better. Do you know anyone who has a display that’s on par with Ghost Manors Halloween display?

Video Source – Misadventures Of Team A.J.

For more information check out their site here > GHOST MANOR HAUNTED DISPLAY

Check out last years display in these videos we found by Noladeej and let us know your thoughts

Video Source – Noladeej

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