Strange And Creepy Halloween Starbucks Releases Even More Halloween Cups You’ll Love

Starbucks Releases Even More Halloween Cups You’ll Love

Starbucks fans know that Halloween time means some spooky and cool new cup designs. Over the summer they unleashed a set of color-changing cups that sold out in a matter of what seemed like moments. So it’s only right that now Halloween is almost here they release some spooky  new ones in order to fit the season.  

We first wrote about the new all black Halloween Tumblr they released and thought that was going to be it. But then all of the sudden a whole array of cups starting coming out. Now you have a big assortment of different styles and colors and options to pick from this Halloween. They have spider web and skull mugs that would be used at home, they aren’t for taking them on the go.

However they do have reusable Halloween cups so you can sip your Pumpkin Spice Lattes on the go if you choose to. Starbucks has even unleased a 6 pack of 16.oz Halloween cups at various locations around the country. Each cup has its own design and features illustrations of  candles, pumpkins, leaves, skulls, crows, and more. If you’re lucky enough to find one of these they go for about $15.00.

Their first Halloween cup has a black spooky Starbucks logo with a sparkly spider web that spins across the whole cup. The straw is even black and if you don’t want one in black they do come in a couple of other colors. These cups started flying off the shelf as fast as they were put on them, and some people are reselling them at astronomical prices. If you love Halloween and Starbucks you’re going to for sure be able to find a cup that matches your likes and needs.

Which cup would you choose?

Check out the video posts we found by Michelle Hetrick and Breakup2Makeup.

Video Source – Michelle Hetrick

Video Source – Breakup2Makeup

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