Strange And Creepy Movie Corner A Girl Possessed While Watching The Conjuring 2

A Girl Possessed While Watching The Conjuring 2

A Girl Possessed While Watching The Conjuring 2 post thumbnail image

A Girl Possessed While Watching The Conjuring 2 

Was The Conjuring 2 That Scary?

It seems like ever since the movie The Conjuring 2 has hit the theaters, there's been some controversial stuff reportedly happening.There was a story of a man who died while watching the movie, then his body vanished at the hospital supposedly after the ambulance driver "which no one knew who he even was" took the body and vanished as well.

Check out that story here >>>  Man Passes Away During Conjuring 2 

But this story is a little bit different, a woman ended up going crazy during the movie and many are saying that she was possessed by a demon. We saw the movie when it first came out and thought it was scary, we actually enjoyed this one more than the first one. But do we think a person can become possessed just by watching a movie? We honestly don't think so but then again it could have been a medical condition that this lady was suffering from that was triggered by the movie. 

Then again it could be that she was already being followed by something or had been possessed for awhile that could have caused this outburst. Or could it be that this woman just wanted some attention and her chance at 5 minutes of fame and saw this as her chance to get on a viral video?

Check out the video below we found by Trending Videos 

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