Hocus Pocus Stars Then And Now (2019)

So in a few years it will be 30 years since the cult classic Halloween time movie “Hocus Pocus” hit the big screen. For some of us it seems like just yesterday the movie came out in the theater. Others of us have seen the movie at least a million times or more.

But what happen to all of the stars of the movie? Are some of them still acting, are they still around, are they even still alive? Well before you start getting worried, check out the video post of the cast of the iconic movie and let us know your thoughts.

Would you still want to see a Hocus Pocus 2 or do you think they should just let it be the way it is? Would you be open for a 2nd movie if they brought back the original cast, or do you think that it’s been too long and that they should just let it pass?

In the meantime check out this video we found by MediaGlitz and let us know your thoughts!

Video Source – MediaGlitz

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