Give Your Loved One A Realistic Looking Heart Chocolate This Valentines Day

If you’re a horror fan or like doing things a little “different” for Valentines day than other people, this might just be for you.  Forget about buying roses or a box of chocolates, how about a life-sized realistic looking human heart made from chocolate?

The Chocolate Heart

Edible Museums heart is either made from dark chocolate, white, or milk. But unlike real hearts this one is hollow, well there are some of us that wills our hearts are hollow but that’s a different conversation.  The heart is made by the Edible Museum, and maker Sarah Hardy noted that many people decide not to eat their heart and rather save them.

They put them under glass domes and make them a center piece. Imagine going to a home and seeing a heart in a glass dome, I’m pretty sure you would ask why that is there.  The heart is made from a thick chocolate and hand-painted. The heart has realistic-looking arteries and detail, that’s because the original heart was sculpted from a real pig’s heart.

Check out their site here > Edible Museum

Lovely Heart Shaped Soap Recipe

Check out a video we found of the Chocolate by

Video Source – Life Express

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