The Headless Horseman Might Be Right Behind You At This Terrifying New York Haunted House

Headless Horsemans – Ulster Park New York

Headless Horseman’s – Ulster Park New York

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Ulster Park, New York’s Headless Horseman’s isn’t just your average haunted house; it’s more like a haunted experience. They have 10 attractions in all featuring: a one mile theatrical hayride, 7 haunted houses, a monstrous corn maze, and boast about having some of the best stunt actors, magicians, illusionists, and story tellers around.

Headless Horseman’s innovative set up and design is what sets this place out among the rest. They call it immersive entertainment, they even a real life escape experience that it sure to test your patience and fear! Each one has different colors, sounds, smells and more that will surely get your senses going in such a way you won’t know how to feel. The best part is that each section is designed in a way that you won’t know what to expect next. 

Each haunted house is designed professionally and they’re set up in a way that makes you want to come back for more. There are different paths that you can take, so if you go into a haunted house more than once, chances are you’re going to see something different. This will keep you coming back again to see you can find another angle or another scare that was more terrifying than the last. 

Headless Horsman’s 

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