Edinburgh Dungeon Offers 2 Guests a Chance To Spend Halloween Night In a Torture Chamber

Edinburgh Dungeon

Scotland’s Edinburgh dungeon is partnering up with Booking.com for a very creepy and rather terrifying Halloween overnight stay.  2 lucky or unlucky guests will have the chance to stay the night in the depths of the ‘torture chamber’ in a Séance Sleepover.  Both guests will get a chance to stay the night in a customer made coffin bed.

Source – Edinburgh News

The guests will get a complimentary dinner at the Hard Rock Café before joining the tour and the experience. Before your spooky night’s stay, you’ll be able to take an immersive walk-through experience which includes stories and legends of the castles history.

Guests will also be able to participate in a séance with a professional medium and a Ouija board. After that guests will then be taken to the torture chamber for their overnight stay. Guests will also be given skeleton pajama and slippers and will also be told a creepy bed time story.

If you’re interested check out Booking.com, booking will be open Oct 25th at 10:00am. So don’t wait because this one will fill up FAST!

Want more information? Check out > Booking.com

Check out some videos we found of Edinburgh Dungeon by TheDungeonOfficial and let us know if you would do it!

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Video source – TheDungeonOfficial

Video Source – TheDungeonOfficial

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