Salem Horror Fest Announces Screenings of ‘Prom Night,’ ‘Demon Knight,’ and ‘Prince of Darkness’!

What else could be better than to watch some horror movies in Salem, Massachusetts? This  year they are taking it a bit further with their new immersive screenings. The Salem Horror Fest runs from October 1st through October 11, 2020, and will play John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness, Tales from the Crypt, and the original Demon Knight inside the walls of a former old church.

Wait what? Yup, you heard that right; it will be screened on the wall of an old church! The other cool thing is that it’s Prom Night’s 40th anniversary. The screenings will all you to see the classic slasher movie in an old school dance setting.

We’re going to prom ladies and gentleman.

Besides the screenings the festival this year boasts that they are planning on having some other really cool and new activities for people of all ages.

Check out this video we found by Rani Van Boston and let us know if you’ll be visiting this year!

Video Source – Rani Van Boston

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