The Movie Trailer That Was Banned On Facebook

The Movie That Was Banned By Facebook
The Movie That Was Banned By Facebook

The Movie Trailer That Was Banned On Facebook 

Stand Up for What You Believe In, E...
Stand Up for What You Believe In, Even If Facebook Marks it ‘Sensitive Content’

There’s a trailer everyone is talking about Tom Constabiles movie “Voodo”  that’s been deemed so bad and offensive that it has been BLOCKED for being shared directly on Facebook of all places. Everyday people share some crazy stuff on Facebook, so for something to be BANNED from the site it has to be pretty serious. 

Now we’ve seen some pretty gruesome and horrific trailers in the past, but what sets this trailer apart from the rest you’re all probably wondering?

Am I right?

Before we get into that, the story is about a woman who goes on vacation that’s trying to recover after being in a relationship with a married man. However the man isn’t done with her and is looking for revenge and he just so happens to be part of some voodoo cult. From that synopsis you can’t really tell if the movie is going to be messed up or not, but who knows. 

So there’s some pretty interesting stuff that goes on in this movie and it’s surely one you might want to check out if you’re into some scary flicks.

So why is it so bad?

Some are saying that the trailer isn’t that bad but others aren’t agreeing with that notion. Some people say that it’s too graphic to be shown as a trailer but then you have others say otherwise. Honestly it doesn’t show too much but what it does show is rather creepy and a bit gruesome. 

Let us know your thoughts!

Check out the trailer for this movie and let us know what you think! 

Do you think it’s too graphic for Facebook or not?

WARNING, the trailer is a bit graphic !!!!! 




  1. I didn't see anything bad about this at all seen alot worse it's a horror movie but there was no bad vilonce blood gore or anything what was the big deal they show why worse stuff then that on Facebook REALLY 

  2. it seems gory but not scary. I have yet to see a horror movie that scares me but have seen many gory movies. there should be a catagory for such movies, gory but not scary. LOL

  3. I think it’s a publicity stunt they cooked up. It’s the ant advertising scheme. Instead of paying to play it, they pay FB to “ban” it. Hence, it becomes the “forbidden fruit”. It’s usually pretty effective. People have just Got to have something naughty. LOL

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