This Nevada Park Has A Creepy Reputation For Having A Haunted Playground

Haunted Foxridge Park

Nevada’s Haunted Park

There’s a small park in Henderson Park, Nevada that’s surrounded in folklore and legend. It’s said to be haunted by the ghost of a small boy among other spirits and entities. Supposedly people have seen the swing moving back and forth as if someone were on the swing. It’s odd because the swing was moving as if someone were sitting swinging. Yet the other swing next to it wasn’t moving at all. Some have speculate it could be a ghost or something else moving it.

The creepiest part is that people have heard children laughing and playing. The problem is, whenever they hear it there aren’t any children there. On certain occasions people have seen a small boy running around the playground at night. When they go to investigate and see who the boy is, he vanishes into thin air. There are those that speculate the park was built over something they shouldn’t have.

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