Insanely Wild Things That Were ‘Normal’ During The Middle Ages

You’ve probably come across a meme or 2 on Facebook about bizarre things that people did in the middle ages. Some of the things they did seem like something out of a movie.

It’s crazy to think that people’s perception of reality and what they deemed as normal back then seems so crazy now. There are some places in the world that still have some rather strange beliefs and customs, but nothing like what’s in this video.

Imagine having a PIG of all things stand witness to your trial, or having to question one in some sort of way. What could they possibly think the pig was going to say besides …. Oink???

Anyways, check out the video we found by Secret Truths and let us know your thoughts on it!

VIDEO SOURCE – Secret Truths

Witches Stairs

Which one did you think was the strangest one?

Do you think anyone really realized how odd things were but didn’t say anything, or was it all just common things people excepted at the time?

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