A Creepy Look At London’s Oldest And Most Haunted Residence

The Eldon House Haunting

In every town, city, and state, there’s always going to be that one house that everyone talks about. Whether it’s about recent or long time passed events, you always hear about that one house.  For the most part the stories about this house are just tall tales. But every now and then the stories become a lot more true to life in various aspects. 

Sometimes there are dark forces that get tangled up in these places. Almost like a spider web of negativity that traps any emotion of anger, fear, sorrow. The web soaks in the energy therefor bringing other dark entities, making a house more than just a house. But what do you do when you get attacked by something that you can’t see?

You can just call The Ghostbusters, or some paranormal group that can wipe out a large amount of negative things. Some say this kind of energy can’t be completely erased, only silenced for a short period. This is the case of the Eldon house haunting.

Imagine being attacked by something that you can’t see. And telling someone  about your experience would probably only lead to ridicule and judgement on your part. So what would you do? Check out the terrifying true story of the history behind this sinister house.

Check out this short history behind the Eldon House Haunting 

Source – MetroCanadaOnline

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