20 Hotels You Don’t Want To Stay At Unless You Love Being Scared!

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The Most Haunted Accommodations On The Planet 

There are various luxurious places to stay like hotels in London, New York City, Paris and so on. While many of these luxurious locations come with a high price tag for a nights stay. They come loaded with amenities and gigantic rooms and amazing views.

However even some of these beautiful and expensive accommodations come with more than we pay for, like ghosts…… Sometimes the activity is too much to handle, almost like you got a room that someone else already rented out. The problem is that you can’t see them and there’s a chance that they can’t see you.

What would you do? Like most people you would probably ask for a different room or a refund. Others simply would just run and not look back whether they got a refund or not.

But if you’re looking for a haunted room be cautious what you look for. You just may get more than you paid or even bargained for. Imagine getting stuck in a situation where you can’t get out of?  But yeah it’s only a haunted hotel room and nothing more, right?

If you’re looking for a good haunted place to stay at, check out this video we found and let us know your thoughts.

Most places that have been around over a 100 years or so have some kind of story, tragedy,  or something that sparked a haunting. If you’re looking for somewhere that ISN’T haunted, these 20 places should be crossed off your list of hotels to stay at

Check out this video by WACKWEDNESDAYS


Would YOU stay at any of these locations?

Have you ever stayed anywhere scary like this?


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