Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained The Mystery of Rudolph Fentz The Time Traveling Man

The Mystery of Rudolph Fentz The Time Traveling Man

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International Travel? More like Inter dimensional travel! 

The year is sometime in the 1800's and you're about to start  your day, you walk out of your house and BAM……. In strange flash you end up in the future, this was the supposed case for Rudolph Fentz. Now I can understand if you get mixed up and end up on some international travel, I mean there's no direct travel insurance for time travel is there? 

What would you do if you were instantly throw into a different time period? This mans travel didn't last very long though, he was struck by a car and killed. That makes sense though, if you come from a period where horses are the dominant means of transportation, then all of the sudden get thrown into a time period where horses are a thing of the past, what do you would happen?

Check out the video here 


Now let's say that he DIDN'T die, all that he had was a copper coin which probably would have been WAY more valuable then it was during his time period. But still there's no form of best traveling credit cards or time travel insurance, well that we know of. 

Who would you really call, I mean everyone you know or KNEW would have been dead by now. Maybe grandkids of yours if you had any children, or children of friends and other family possibly. But what would you tell them if this really did happen to you?

Some speculate that this story is a bunch of nonsense, but who really knows? Do we really know all of the mysteries of this world? 


So we have to keep an open mind and think that some things are possible that are beyond the realm of what we would think of as reality. But how does something like this happen, how does the fabric of time get torn and someone get automatically thrown into another time period?

I think I would go nuts if this happened to me, if I didn't have anyone in my life that I cared about I would more then be glad to be throw into another period, depending on WHAT was going on during tha period. I may just get thrown into some crazy post apocalyptic world that I would want to be in. 

What would YOU do if this happened to you?