Strange And Creepy The Paranormal A Look Back At The Gary, Indiana Demon House Zak Bagans Had Destroyed

A Look Back At The Gary, Indiana Demon House Zak Bagans Had Destroyed

A Look Back At The Gary, Indiana Demon House Zak Bagans Had Destroyed post thumbnail image

Ghost Adventures Star Destroys Demonic House

Some years back, there was a story about a house in Gary, Indiana that was supposed to be haunted. after first most people thought it was another made up story. However, when child services, the police, and the state got involved things changed. The state services learned the truth of what was really going on there. They even got to witness some things that most people would believe to be unbelievable. Eventually the haunted reputation behind the house grew on a world level. The famed Ghost Adventures star, Zak Bagans ended doing an investigation of the house. The house was so active he ended up buying it, he hoped to create his demon documentary.

Evidence Of The Paranormal

There were some pictures, audio, and a lot of witness testimonies behind the hauntings. Even scarier is the fact that a child walked up a wall backwards in front of child services. On another occasion police officers claimed to have witnessed some things as well. It was so bad they didn’t want to go back into the house. When it came to creating the demon documentary everything went wrong. Eventually all the production stopped and the Zak Bagans had the house destroyed and the grounds blessed. There were a lot of rumors that some pretty terrifying things were happening behind the scenes. Others say it wasn’t because of the house, it was because of ratings that it was destroyed. Destroy the house and make people interested even more, could that be the case?

Check out the video and let us know your thoughts.


Real Haunted House Or Made For TV?

There are all kinds of rumors on why he destroyed the house. Some say they threw out the project for lack of funding and timing issues. Others say the project was a dud from the get go. But there are those that say the house was indeed haunted. The things they caught weren’t created in some special effects studio.

Others including Zak say the house was beyond haunted. That it in fact was dangerous and that no one should be allowed to live there. The demonic activity going on within the house was dangerous enough to end peoples lives. So with all of the problems going on and off set, it was decided destroying the house was the best option.

If you’ve seen the documentary, you know how messed up the actual case was. The house wasn’t your normal house haunting, there was something evil there. Could burning it down and blessing the land help? Who knows, but what we do know is there are times where evil is very real. What do you think about the whole thing?

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9 thoughts on “A Look Back At The Gary, Indiana Demon House Zak Bagans Had Destroyed”

  1. I just heard a podcast with Zak and he said the filming was done and at that time he was trying to decide what to do with the house.  Apparently–he made his decision.  It was not safe fore anyonoe to be in it.  

    1. Demons do desist people believe in Satan well he creates them they are not spirits they have never been alive they have no souls and they will harm or posse and even kill a living person so all you non believers really need to open your eyes and see what's in front of you because your the ones in time that will find yourselves confronted by one.

    2. The house my not of been safe but it was like a cage for the dark spirits and by destroying the property he let all the evil run free. I love Zak but this was a terrible idea on his part.

  2. As a well-known Psychic/Medium and Pagan High Priestess who has helped many people experiencing activity in their homes, I can honestly say that if the main reason Zak chose to tear that home down was due to violent demonic activity….he did the right thing so in order to protect others.  In many cases, entities (demonic or otherwise) are often connected not just with a particular building but also with the land itself.

    It would be wise for Zak to do a major cleansing of the land as well using more than Sage.  In cases like this…Sage is a good idea but not strong enough.  

    Zak is free to contact me on Facebook if I can be of assistance.  Facebook page is: Dawn Darlene Mitchell (Dawn Mystic Haven) or also on Facebook : Spirit of Light Readings

  3. Yes, because destroying a building will totally get rid of non-corporeal entities.  And it's not as if people will just put a new structure on the property in the future or anything. (Sarcasm intended).  This reeks of publicity stunt for the show.  I believe in the paranormal, just not people like this guy or The Warrens.

    1. You don’t know much about the Warrens. They are the world Most creditable researhers of the paranormal. They have been doing it before TV got interested in it. THEY WERE THE BEST. RIP WARRENS. I have read all about them and the places they have been. They are the Best ever.

  4. He made the right decision tearing it down n yes I agree the land needs cleansing, if what thy call the portal to hell, well it needs closed if possible, does anyone know for sure when this documentary will air, I so want to see it

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