Haunted Ohio- The Witches Tower

Haunted Ohio

The Witches Tower

There’s a small hillside in Dayton, Ohio that has a rather odd and out of place structure. It’s a small tower that many call the “The Witches Tower”.  Those who have visited and stay near the area all say that it’s haunted, some say that they can hear screams coming from this location at night. Others say that they’ve seen lights coming from this place even though no one is there.

Could it all be stories because the place looks so creepy?


But with so many stories coming out of this place, it’s hard to the cast away the fact that it could possibly be haunted by something. Others have said there’s some kind of energy center attracting spirits to this location.

Whatever the case may be, there was one person who actually died here while investigating it adding even more to the creepy factor. In the late 1960’s a young girl and her friends went to the tower to explore a bit when a small storm came through. She ended up getting hit by lighting at the tower and died…

Could it all be coincidence or something more?

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