A Strange And Creepy Look At Ohio’s Witches Tower Aka Frankenstein’s Castle

The Witches Tower

There’s a small hillside in Kettering near Dayton, Ohio that has a rather odd and out of place structure. It’s a small tower that many call the The Witches Tower. There are various rumors of it being haunted beyond belief. However, many of those who live or have lived near the area say it’s not haunted and that it’s all stories. But how much of the stories are true and false?

Even the towers name has been debated for some years. The tower has gone by numerous things like Frankenstein’s castle, the lookout tower, witches tower among others. There are certain theories of the origins of the hauntings. One story is said that the tower was built during the civil war. During that time a woman climbed to the top and jumped to her death, after hearing her husband passed. On another occasion a group of teens were struck by lighting and killed at the tower.

So what’s the truth?

The only verified death was that a girl named Peggy on May 17th, 1967. Peggy and her boyfriend sought shelter from a storm, lighting struck the tower and killed her but knocked out her boyfriend. Could the towers hauntings come from the fact a girl was killed there? Some say it could be the ghost of the young girl still walking around. As far as the history behind the structure, it was built around 1940. the tower was constructed with stone from condemned buildings in the area. As far as being haunted, I wouldn’t be surprised if it has a creepy paranormal side to it. Check out the video and let us know your thoughts.

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