This Mansion Is Said To Be One Of The Most Haunted Places In Massachusetts

The Most Haunted Mansion In Massachusetts

The S.K. Pierce Mansion is one of the most haunted mansions in Massachusetts. The original owner Sylvester Knolton Pierce was a wealthy man who amassed great wealth by creating the S.K. Pierce & Son chair companyThe mansion Pierce built was a testament to all his wealth and success. However, nothing good came out of the building the mansion. A short time upon moving in, his first wife died within 3 weeks of a sudden illness. Many other tragic and strange  things happened in the house throughout the years even the sudden death of Pierce himself . The house was abandoned for a short time until it was turned into a brothel of all things. The strange and tragic things didn’t stop there. 

There were numerous deaths and even a murder of a young woman that never was solved. Some people say that they hear screams and even see this woman while in the mansion. People reported that they’ve seen her walking around in an upstairs room, and they’ve even heard her having a conversation with someone else. Could there be  2 ghosts in the same room communicating with each other?

There are other ghosts who have been seen moving around the mansion including the ghost of the Pierce himself. Some say they’ve seen him sitting in a chair and also walking around the halls of the mansion. Another ghost that has been seen in the mansion is that of a young boy who drowned on a nearby property. 

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