A Terrifying And Creepy Inside Look At Austria’s Witches Castle

The Witches Castle

Austria’s Moosham castle has a very dark and creepy reputation. It’s one of those places that you didn’t want to be sent to as a prisoner. Reason being is if you did, chances are you probably wouldn’t be coming out alive.

The castle dates back to around the time of 1191 and since then has seen countless deaths. There are a lot of stories of how it became the witches castle, but the most well know is because of the insane amount of so called “witches” that were executed on those grounds.

Back then all someone had to do was accuse you of being a witch, and more than likely you would end up meeting a horrible fate. Its been said that the numbers of people who actually died there are in the tens of thousands, if not more.

Imagine the residual energy left behind from all that death and trauma. Those who have witnessed some of the ghostly activity say that its a direct result of a horrific past incidents. Almost like an old movie playing over and over of a terrible event. Some say there’s an evil presence that was left behind from those who were the accusers. It’s crazy to think that people would give out their own version of justice and fairness. When in fact they were the real vile creatures they thought they were destroying.

Check out the videos we found by Ghost Among Us and Ghost Circle let us know your thoughts!

Source- Ghost Among Us

Check out the video we found by Ghost Circle

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