If You Love Cats, You’re Going To Love Starbucks’ 2020 Halloween Collection

Starbucks 2020 Halloween Collection

The spooky Halloween season is here and Starbucks 2020 Halloween collection has finally arrived. This year’s spooky ensemble is centered around those who love cats. There’s a big variety of cat-related Halloween cups that you’re going to love. They also have Halloween plush cat dolls, gift cards, and a few other things.

Some of the themed cups are as follows: The Black Cat Bearista, Purrific mug, Meowloween tumbler, and the Pumpki-tten bottle. They also have a cold drink cup that turns the milk foam cover into a ghost character. The gift card they have is a dog disguised as a ghost, so that makes a cool Halloween gift for those who love Starbucks.

Which one sounds the most like you would pick? I think I would pick the Meowloween tumbler for this year. But everyone is different, and the price range for these is between $20-$35 dollars. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

Check out this video we found by Esta Zainal and let us know your thoughts!

Video Source – Esta Zainal

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