Starbucks Unleashes Its Creepy Halloween Tumbler

The most wonderful time of the year is almost here, and I’m not talking about Christmas, that’s the second most wonderful time…. Well depending on which one you like more. Anyways Starbucks is starting a bit early this year by unleashing it’s spooky Halloween Tumbler.

Last year they had a creepy Halloween themed Cappuccino which was pretty good I might ad. We usually don’t go to Starbucks but we had to try the Halloween one and we did enjoy it.

This year they will be selling the Tumbler for a little under 20 dollars. However people who have already bought the tumbler are turning around and selling it for some rather big profit.

Would you be the person to WAIT and buy it, or would you be the person to buy it NOW at an inflated price from someone else? I think I’ll pass on paying a ton for this cup, but we may just pick it up for retail when they are back in stock, how about you?

Check out the video we found by Woochit News and let us know your thoughts on it!

Video Source – Woochit News

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