Strange And Creepy The Paranormal Is Disneyland Haunted?

Is Disneyland Haunted?

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Is Disneyland Haunted?

If you've ever been to any of the Disney parks, you know that they're amazing places. It's almost like going into another world when you go into these places. The only problem is that you get slapped back into reality when you buy something because of the prices. But all jokes aside, do you think somewhere like Disneyland is actually haunted? No one ever really thinks that such a grand place could actually be haunted. 

Could Disneyland be the most haunted place on the planet?

Think about this, Disneyland is one of those places you go to get away from the reality, the troubles in life. You got there to live your dreams and fantasies, not just children but even adults get to be part of the dream. After the vacation and fun is over, you get slapped back right into the reality in which you came from. For many who visit the park, that reality can be a very dreadful one. Now they say when we die some of us choose to stay behind, where do you think they would go in order to find that one moment where they were incredibly happy?


Sounds a bit farfetched, but it could be a possibility, think of all the people have have visited this place and have become attached to it. Could it be a possibility that some of them chose to never leave that place? Who knows…. 

Check out this video by Alltime Conspiracies and let us know what YOU think! 

Is Disneyland Haunted?

SOURCE- All time conspiracies

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