If You’re Looking For Friendly Ghosts, This Florida Inn Should Be Your Next Trip

The Seven Sisters Inn

The Seven Sisters Inn is said to be one of the most haunted bed and breakfasts in Florida. Unlike other haunted bed and breakfasts, this one is said to be haunted by spirits that don’t wish to do harm people. They rather look after the location while having some fun in the process. The Seven Sisters Inn was built in 1895 and has been a bed and breakfast since the day it opened. Not much has at all has changed here except the owners and people who have worked there. There are those that say some of those deceased owners are still around. 

A brief history of the Seven Sisters Inn

Video Source – The Seven Sisters Inn

The most haunted place in Florida

Visitors have said that they’ve seen things moving around, heard music and voices coming from empty rooms. Guests have had doors shut behind them and even faucets and lights turn off even before they leave the room. The owners just think that some of the ghosts are just rather picky about the inn and how it’s kept.

The caretakers say they get the feeling that the ghosts that haunt The Seven Sisters Inn are just curious. They’ve heard children laughing and running around the rooms that they were just in. The Caretakers hear people moving around in rooms they were about to go in, and right before they enter the room they’ve heard what sounds like two people hushing each other almost like they didn’t want to be caught. 

Would you stay here?

For more information on the Inn contact >>>  SEVEN SISTERS INN

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