Strange And Creepy Movies Is The Superman Curse Real?

Is The Superman Curse Real?

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Is the Superman Curse Real?

Could The Man Of Steel Be Cursed?

Imagine playing the role of  the man of steel the legendary SUPERMAN, the iconic super powered being from another planet. Now we all know Superman isn't real, but the fact that such an iconic role could be cursed is rather odd. No one would expect a role like this to be cursed in any kind of way, but some say it is. Superman has been around for over 77 years and has been showcased in movies, comics, television shows, and just about anywhere else you can think of. 

But is the role actually cursed?

Some say that there isn't a curse and with such a long history and number actors playing the role, some bad things are bound to happened. But others think the role is cursed and anyone who plays it is going to suffer at the wrath of the curse. Not everyone has suffered the curse, however there are those who did have some odd and tragic things happen to them that does make you think a bit. 

Check out the video by ALLTIMECONSPIRACIES 



Check out the video ALLTIMECONSPIRACIES 





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