The Sara Winchester Story – The Winchester House

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Haunted Hotels - Vrooman Mansion - Paranormal Activity Caught on Camera!

The Sara Winchester Story

When you think of strange museums and mansions, the Winchester Mystery House has to be at the top of the list. Sarah Winchester was the heiress of the Winchester rifle company otherwise known as " The gun that won the west". Tragedy struck the Winchester family when Sarah's husband and child both died, she ended up inheriting 20 million dollar in the process. But we all know that no amount of money matters when you lose the ones you love most 

A Spiritual Medium Warns Of A Curse

Now let me ask you this, if someone were to tell you that all of your fame and fortune came at a price, that it was all cursed by the spirits who lost their lives at the hand of the Winchester rifle, would you believe them? What if the person who told you that was a spiritual medium, would that change anything at all? Some of you probably don't believe in curses, heck I honestly don't know if I believe in it or not. 

Then again anything is possible… 


Check out the story behind Sarah Winchester and her strange house " The Winchester Mystery House


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