Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained For Over 300 Years No One Has Wanted To Sit In This Chair

For Over 300 Years No One Has Wanted To Sit In This Chair

For Over 300 Years No One Has Wanted To Sit In This Chair post thumbnail image

The Chair Of Death

Usually what comes to mind when we think of curses are movies like Raiders Of The Lost Ark, or real places like the tombs of the mummies. However, this is a bit different and it challenges everything we think and possibly knows about curses. The reason being is that no one that has sat in this specific chair ever lived long enough to say it isn’t cursed.

The chair now sits high up in England’s Thirsk Museum, high enough no one can ever sit on it again. Did I mention anyone who sits in the chair suffers a horrible death, not just a regular death, but a horrible one? The chair’s origins stretch back as far as the 17th century. To make a long story short the inn the chair sat in was owned by a rough man who loved to drink. He had a favorite chair and one day he found his father-in-law sitting in the chair. Things escalated the Thomas Busby killed the man. As they drug him out he cursed the chair, so that started the dreaded curse of the chair.

The Chair Of Death! 

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Do You Believe In Curses?

Some think curses are nothing more than just stories and myths. Others believe curses are very real and should take caution when messing with things that are cursed. I don’t know of any curses that can be reversed once they’re placed on someone, or maybe I’m wrong. My point is there are some things in this world that are better left alone, this chair would be one of them. Hopefully, it stays high up in the museum and out of harm’s way for a very long time.

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