Thomas Busbys Chair Of Death

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Usually what comes to mind when we think of curses are movies like Raiders Of The Lost Ark, or real like places like the tombs of the mummies. However this is a bit different and it challenges everything we think about curses.

How so? No one who has sat on the chair has lived to tell about it, well at least for long. The death chair aka Thomas Busby’s chair sits in a high up corner in North Yorkshire at the Busby Stoop Inn.

The Chair Of Death! 

In 1702 Thomas Busby was judged and sentenced to death for strangling a man for sitting in his favorite chair. Before he was executed, he did something rather odd.

Now If you don’t believe in bad luck, you may start to believe in it after watching this video. Could it be negative energy from the past that set things off? Perhaps its something else, or could the curse be real?

Check out the video and see what you think! 

Do you believe in curses?

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