You May Want To Think Twice Before Entering Indiana’s Little Egypt Cemetery

Little Egypt Cemetery

This is probably one of the oddest locations that we’ve come across in awhile. We’ve personally been to this location a few times and the location is as creepy as it sounds.  Little Egypt cemetery is located out in the middle of nowhere near the town of Plymouth, Indiana. It’s far out in the middle of nowhere near a location known as Troll bridge. The cemetery is located at the top of a hill, it’s creepy when you see it. The other thing is the area has an odd smell to it, not a farm type smell, but something else. We’ve grown up around farms all of our life and this isn’t a farm associated smell. There’s also the fact that trees and plants tend not to grow within the confines of the cemetery.

Check out this video we found on Little Egypt

Little Egypt Cemetery

Source – Dirty fox productions – 

Paranormal Activity Or Just Made Up Stories?

Finding information on the area is murky at best. There isn’t a lot of info on things that went on there. Could a lot of the stories be just that, stories? Or could there be some truth to some of the paranormal activity going on? The times we visited we didn’t see any phantoms or any other ghosts. However, we did hear some type of disembodied voices coming from the nearby woods. When we went to look we noticed it was a swampy area and no one was there. Could it be our imaginations running wild? Then again there were 3 of us that heard the same thing at the same time. What are your thoughts?

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