Visiting This Creepy Haunted Mausoleum Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

The Mackenzie Poltergeist

There are certain locations with horrible reputations. Then you have others that seem to have even worse ones, this is one of them. Edinburgh’s Greyfriar cemetery is a place with a very haunted past. Since the 1700’s the location has seen a lot of bloodshed, violence, anger, misery, and death. Even in the 1800s, it said that medical students would steal bodies from graves. There are other tales of evil acts that would all but stain a place. The Mackenzie poltergeist is one such entity that still causes a lot of problems for the living.

The Mackenzie Poltergeist

SOURCE – William Defalco – 

The Echos Of A Haunted Past

In 1999 a homeless man was using the mausoleum for a place to sleep.  He ended up somehow falling through the floor and into a mass grave. Some believe this awakened some old forces causing some of the activity. However, in 2014 a group of teens entered the mausoleum and grave area and beheaded one of the corpses. He then went on to use it as a puppet. They were eventually charged with “violation of sepulcher.”

Since then, the activity has increased a lot. People have been scratched, hit, slapped, and pushed. Imagine going there and being pushed by something you can’t see. What would you do? What would you be able to do? The majority of the problems happen during the evening hours. Would you be brave enough to go in at night if you were able to?

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