Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained The Creepy Location Known As “The Gates Of Hell” – Collinsville, Illinois

The Creepy Location Known As “The Gates Of Hell” – Collinsville, Illinois

The Creepy Location Known As “The Gates Of Hell” – Collinsville, Illinois post thumbnail image

The Gates Of Hell – Collinsville, Illinois

There’s a creepy location located near the small town of Collinsville, Illinois that’s known as the “The Gates Of Hell.” For decades the small tunnel area has been known for some creepy activity going on in and around it. Some say the location is riddled with paranormal activity, while others say it’s stories. There are some creepy backstories about some bad things that supposedly happened near and around the tunnel. Could the residual energy of those events have sparked more activity? Many haunted locations that are surrounded in demonic activity are the result of a tragic event. Could this be what is going on near the tunnel? Check out the video and let us know your thoughts

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Illinois Most Haunted Location?

One of the stories is that some people were found hanging from the bridge decades ago. Another story involves a deadly car crash. It’s not known how long ago it was, but supposedly some kids died in a crash at the tunnels entrance. However, since then people have been seeing a car slam into the tunnel and then vanish into thin air. Could this be a residual haunting? Could the location have a strong energy field that is producing these vivid images of the past?

Some have seen strange lights coming from the area, but when they get close they don’t see any signs of cars. Others have heard disembodied voices coming from the tunnel while on foot. While some people have had some pretty intense experiences, many haven’t had any. I wonder why it is that some have experiences and some don’t. Either way the location at night is a creepy one, and one place I wouldn’t venture alone.

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