The Gates Of Hell – Collinsville, Illinois

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The Gates Of Hell – Collinsville, Illinois

There’s a creepy little location located near the small town of Collinsville, Illinois that locals known as “ The Gates Of Hell”. Supposedly there’s all kinds of stuff that has been going on there. Some say that there’s a strong energy center in that location and that’s the reason why there’s so much paranormal activity.

Others say that the activity started because of bad things that happened in that location decades ago. Some say that people were actually hung from the bridge back in the 50’s but there isn’t any solid proof of that actually taking place. All the stories that stem out of this place are just that, stories.  

Some stories are said to have some type of proof in the form of residual haunting. So in a sense something dramatic that happened a long time ago keeps playing over and over like an old movie. Many have said to have seen a phantom car that supposedly slams into the bridge around midnight. Supposedly these kids died after taking acid and having an accident on the bridge, since then there have been numerous reports of people seeing these kids run into the bridge but then vanishing into thin air.

Would you go here at night?

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