Man Drops Phone into Nevadas Devil’s Cauldron and Hears Horrifying Screams

Gateway To The Netherworld?

TechRax is a Youtuber who likes to specialize in digital product reviews. He drops electronics off from high elevations to see how long they would work. When the iPhone 11 pro came out, he decided to take a different route with his test. He decided to visit Nevada’s Devil’s Cauldron and drop the phone down the notorious hole.

The geothermal hole is 600 feet in diameter and has around a 50-foot drop before it hits anything. His test was comprised of using a drone to drop the phone into a hot spring. He wanted to see how long it would survive, and if the water, heat, or fall was to blame for the initial damage. Usually, the tests are done and nothing happens, but not this day.

Video Source –TechRax

Screams Heard From Down Below

Technology is awesome but can also be a very terrifying thing in certain circumstances. When you drop a phone in a hole that many say leads to hell and hear SCREAMING? You start to believe in the stories a little bit more than you used to. Some are saying there’s an explanation for it all, but if you listened to that video you can tell it’s screaming.

Devil’s Cauldron is in one of the most haunted locations in Nevada. Could there be some supernatural force under this area causing all the haunted happenings? Who knows, but what is known is the footage is a bit unnerving if you ask us. What are your thoughts on it?

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