Strange And Creepy Haunted World,Strange and Unexplained This Man Spent His Entire Live Savings To Buy A Ghost Town

This Man Spent His Entire Live Savings To Buy A Ghost Town

This Man Spent His Entire Live Savings To Buy A Ghost Town post thumbnail image

Buy A Ghost Town

I don’t think a lot of people would spend their entire life savings to buy a ghost town. However, a man by the name of Jon and his partner Brent did just that. They ended up selling everything and buying the former mining town of “Cerro Gordo” last July 13thThe ghost town was established in 1865 and by the year 1869, they were loading 340 tons of bullion out of the mountain. The mines actually helped Los Angeles to grow because of the demand for a larger port city. The Los Angeles we have come to know today is here mainly because of that area and those mines.

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The total of minerals pulled from the mines was around 17 million, with inflation it’s 500 million. The mines eventually dried up and so did the town. Without mines, the town slowly died away and it eventually became a ghost town. Decades later Jon and Brent ended up purchasing the town without having solid plans.

What to do with a ghost town?

Imagine buying a ghost town and not knowing what to do with it. You have some sort of plan, but then a pandemic happens, so what then? They did and still do have plans of renovating the entire town and turning it into a tourist destination. They could also use the town and do ghost hunts and other paranormal types of events.

What would YOU do with it?

Check out the video we found by Ghost Town Living

Video Source – Ghost Town Living

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