Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained Mannequin Woman,The Expressionless Mystery

Mannequin Woman,The Expressionless Mystery

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 Mannequin Woman,The Expressionless Mystery

 Supposedly in June of 1972 a woman covered in a blood soaked gown showed up at a community hospital. At first she looked normal but when the nurses got closer they saw something very odd, she looked almost like she wasn’t real, witness said that she looked like a mannequin you would find at the store... 


And no I’m not making an corny references to the old 80’s movie mannequin, but I will admit that I did like that movie, not the 2nd one though! 

Anyways this mannequin woman was realistic to the touch except for one thing…. HER FACE! 

She seemed to be something designed out of a horror movie, and imagine it being 1972, they probably freaked out even more seeing something like that. Now the whole story goes that she ended up being held down by some nurses. When the doctor came into the room the woman turned and SMILED! 

Well why is that so bad?


Everyone freaked out and before the woman disappeared into thin air, the doctor asked her what she was, her reply….



Check out this video on the infamous mannequin woman! 

While some people say that this is just a figment of peoples imagination, those who went through it say otherwise.

Now could this be tied into the the Slender man stories?

The description of  how the teeth and how the creature disappeared are pretty similar, but then again who knows. 

Do you think that the mannequin woman aka the expressionless is real?

If so what do you think she is or was?

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Video – youtube – User (milrac) 

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