Forget a Halloween Trip to Salem If You Don’t Have Reservations

Halloween trip to salem

Halloween Trip to Salem

Believe it or not, the first 9 days of October Salem, Massachusetts had 276,00 visitors. Those numbers are up over 100,000 more in the same 9-day span last year. This year the witch city is beyond busy because of the new movie Hocus Pocus 2. Everyone wants a peak at the Sanderson Sisters cottage. What’s even crazier is the fact that nearly 80,000 people visited Salem on a Saturday.

It’s being advised that if you DON’T have any reservations or plans ahead of time, a Halloween trip to Salem should be a no go. There isn’t any parking at all, and city officials are recommending using public transportation while in Salem.

Destination Salem said this in a statement.

“By planning to use public transportation or satellite parking, visitors will save time, money, and the inevitable frustration experienced when people get stuck in the downtown traffic jams that occur when garages and lots are full and street closures go into effect,” Destination Salem wrote in its press release announcing the data.

Video Source – The Salem Report

Video Source – CBS BOSTON

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