This Tennessee Tunnel Is Said To Be Home To A Portal To Hell

The Sensebaugh Tunnel 

Every town has some kind of legend or story. Sometimes the stories start out because of a tragic accident that happened in that area. Others are created out of old tales that are told around campfires and school lunchrooms. Today’s story is a bit different depending on who you ask.

Supposedly a farmer and his family have lived near this tunnel. Now I’m not too sure how long they actually lived near the tunnel. the story is that a farmer and his family lived near this tunnel. One day out of the blue he went nuts and killed everyone in his family and threw them into a creek next to the tunnel.

Urban Legend Or True Story?

There are different versions of the stories. Some say he threw them in the creek and others say he threw them in the tunnel. He then took his own life while inside of the tunnel. From that day forth the tunnel became an open portal to some dark dimension. Could the story be true? Other versions of the story say he took his life near the tunnel.

Whatever the case may be, the story has lived on and become an urban legend. Some say that there were dark forces on this land from way before that made this guy do it. Could it have been some kind of evil force that drove this man mad? While it may be a story, there have been a ton of weird stories stemming from this location. Some locals believe the area is damned and that it’s a portal to hell.

So what goes on in the Sensebaugh tunnel?

Check out the video we found of by The Fam as they explore the tunnel! 

Could it just be a collection of different energies that people who have visited there have left behind that produce some kind of mass hysteria?


Could the story be true and this is some kind of portal or gateway to a dark place?

Check out this video of a ghost tour  at Sensebaugh tunnel 

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Videos- KCGhosthunters and Kingspook

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