Strange And Creepy Halloween,Random Mom’s Bloody Zombie Photo Shoot Compared To ‘Abortion Scene’

Mom’s Bloody Zombie Photo Shoot Compared To ‘Abortion Scene’

Mom’s Bloody Zombie Photo Shoot Compared To ‘Abortion  Scene’ post thumbnail image

Did She Take It Too Far?

A mothers fun zombie inspired photo shoot had the opposite effect of what she hoped for.  A 26 year old woman from Oklahoma who is also a part-time photographer and a mother of 2 is in some hot water because of the photo shoot.  She had her 6yr old and her 10 month baby dressed in some pretty creepy attire and many are saying that it’s totally wrong.

Some are comparing some of the photos to an abortion scene and people are saying that the children should be taken away. There’s a gruesome photo of the 10-month old baby sitting in a bucket of ‘blood’ gnawing on a brain in the family’s back garden. The problem started when she posted the photos and to her surprise unexpectedly was shared over 200,000 times.

Numerous people chimed in saying that was totally wrong and that it was child abuse. The mother said they weren’t harmed in anyway, and that the blood was food coloring and nothing more. The children had fun and no one was hurt. She just wanted to create some really creepy pictures with her kids since it’s that time of the year.

Many are backing her up and saying she did nothing wrong, however there are those who don’t think it was a good idea. Honestly the kids weren’t in any danger and the mother is a photographer and horror movie fanatic. Naturally she is going to try to get the craziest pictures possible. The kids weren’t hurt and probably had fun while doing it, but everyone’s entitled to their own opinion

What do you think about this? Do you think she went too far with the photo-shoot?

Video Source – Daily News Today

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