The Restaurant Where You Eat In Total Darkness, Could You Handle It?

Nox Restaurant

Singapore’s Nox restaurant isn’t anything like you’ve seen before. This high end eatery isn’t for those of you who are afraid of the dark, and we mean that. It’s the restaurant where you eat in total darkness, yeah total darkness. Forget about checking your phone or having some kind of light to help guide you through dinner, because it’s not allowed there.


When you arrive at Knox you’ll be taken to an area where you can put all of your belongings, especially phones, cameras, or any other glowing objects inside of lockers. Then one of the visually handicapped servers will then be called out to come and take you to their dining area.

This is where the fun begins….

As you slowly go through the doors and the lights start diminishing into nothing. Then all of the sudden you’re confronted with the fact that you can’t rely at ALL on your vision but rather have to rely on your other senses. Also forget about choosing what you want to eat, it’s a mystery menu and you’ll have to taste what you eat in the dark and guess what it is.

No one is allowed to get up or move around during the experience. You’ll have to communicate with your waiter in order to get things. This is an experience like none other, checkout the videos we found behind the place.

Video Source – Nox-Dine In The Dark

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