Stephen Kings ‘Chaplewaite’ Full Trailer Is Finally Here And It Looks Terrifying

The Stephen King Series Trailer Is Finally Here

Stephen Kings Chapelwaite is based on King’s 1978 novella Jerusalem’s lot which was a prequel to his 1975 novel Salem’s Lot. If you’ve seen Salem’s Lot, you know already know how scary that movie was. King’s new series will debut on Epix on Aug. 22, and the trailer will show you how scary it’s going to be. The 10-episode series is going to star actor Adrien Brody who receives a letter from a recently deceased cousin telling him he inherited his family’s ancestral land. However, when he gets to the house he starts to notice some really odd things going on.

Strange things start to happen, he sees things out the corner of his eyes. Things happen that don’t make sense, and he finally comes to realize something terribly wrong is going on there. Check out the video and let us know your thoughts on it. Are you going to watch it when it comes out?

Video Source – EPIX

What’s Your Favorite Stephen King Book?

Of all the books that Stephen King has created, which one is your favorite? Would you want to see one made into a movie that hasn’t been yet? From the video, the series looks pretty scary and very interesting. It looks like it’s the kind of movie that has a lot of jump scares, what are your thoughts on it?

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