The Mysterious Case Of The Hole Goes Down 80,000 Feet With No End In Sight

The Mysterious Case Of Mel’s Hole

There are a few places around the world that harbor supposed mysterious bottomless pits like Houska Castle’s pit, but Mel’s hole isn’t like any other. The story of Mel’s pit surrounds a man named Mel and his property, he supposedly has a 9-foot pit that’s said to be as strange as can be. Stories that sound like they come out of a science fiction movie or even a Stephen King horror film. The problem with the story is that only a few people know about the exact location of the hole. So of course not many people are going to believe a story about a hole that doesn’t end and has magical powers. 

Even stranger are the stories that stem from this location, stories of odd creatures and animals coming back to life after being dropped down into the hole. Could these holes be some kind of vortex or gateway to another dimension, or could they be a gateway to hell like some think? Or could this story just be another made-up story by a person trying to get some fame and recognition in any way that they could?

80,000 feet down with no ending in sight….. 

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Stories like these can be found in various regions and areas, but probably not near as strange as this one. The claims made in this story make you scratch your head. If there were such a place then we would have to change the way we look at the world and the circumstances around it. We wouldn’t be able to think of things as real or not real anymore, would have to once again question everything we’ve learned. Then again we should already be doing that whether we believe in Mel’s Hole or not.

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