People Are Putting Dead Bugs On Their Nails, Yeah It’s Real Thing!

For the longest time now people have been painting their nails. Some do fancy designs and spend a lot of money on their nails. Then you have those people that go a lot further and get the real long nails. The ones that look like they could rival Freddy Kruger, yeah those. However that’s not where it stops, you have those who have nails that are a foot long. That’s when we thought we saw it all.

But guess again….

People are now putting dead bugs on their nails as designs. Now this is something completely new to us, so we apologize if you’ve heard this before and this is nothing new. I’m not the biggest fan of bugs so the thought of putting dead bugs as art on my nails really creeps me out.

Apparently it’s becoming a bigger trend and some are taking it to the next level. I can’t even fathom putting real life spiders on my fingers let alone even mess with them, but people are.

Check out the video post we found by Top Drama Videos and let us know your thoughts…

Video Source – Top Drama Videos

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