Every Wine Lovers Dream Accommodations Come True!

Schlafen im Weinfass in Sasbachwalden

It seems like in this day and age you can stay anywhere you can dream of, even a giant wine barrel. Wait… what? Yup you heard that right a giant wine barrel.

There’s a hotel in Germany at the end of the Black Forest that used to hold wine in these giant barrels. Now they changed things around and decided to let me people stay in one of these giant barrels. The rooms come with 2 bottles of wine, snacks, and breakfast.

There are 8 barrels that can be booked for right around $200 dollars a night and the view is absolutely amazing. It sits on the end edge of the Black Forest which is also said to be rather haunted. But don’t worry about ghosts getting in your way of your wineventure!

The rooms are a bit small being that they’re giant wine barrels. But the room is still cozy and good enough for 2 people. I mean how many people have you met that can say they’ve stayed in a giant wine barrel?


If you’re interested in checking this place out, you can check out their site here > Giant Wine Barrel

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