You Might Run Into The Ghost Of The Lady In Red If You Visit This Alabama College

The Red Lady Of Huntingdon College

Montgomery, Alabama’s Huntingdon College is no stranger to the paranormal world. The college is said to be haunted by a few former students. The first is that of an ex student that committed suicide in the 1970’s after his girlfriend left him. Some people say they have been pushed, touched, and bothered by the ghost while walking the college green at night. Others say they’ve seen the ghostly person walking around the college.

The most famous ghost is the that of the red lady. Some say there are 2 female ghosts that roam the halls of the college. One of the ghosts is that of a late 19th century girl who died on the campus. The other is that of a girl that died on the campus as well. There are a few versions of the story and what happened. What is known is that there’s a lady in red that walks throughout the halls of a dormitory. Those who have come across her say they feel sadness coming from her.

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SOURCE – Young and free Alabama

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