Haunted Overload, The Must See Outdoor Haunted Experience

Haunted Overload – Lee, New Hampshire

If there’s one thing that tops the cake it’s an outdoor haunted house. Haunted overloads name fits it very well, it’s an original out door haunt that’s actually in a class of its own. What sets this place apart from others is its enormous monsters and displays and amazing costumes and setups.

It’s set in an already eerie dark forest which gives it an even better effect; on top of that you have an amazing sound a lighting system that creates an all-out scary assault on your senses.

Haunted Overload is the perfect haunted experience that love outside scares rather than ones inside of buildings or houses. They have a huge set up and amazing crew that puts together quite the frightful experience.

It’s said to be an amazing place that’s well worth your money. Haunted Overload embodies everything you Halloweens supposed to be, it’s an amazing place you surely don’t want to miss checking out.

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You can check out their site here >>> www.hauntedoverload.com

Sources – Artifact Images
Rania Peet

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