You & Your Friends Can Rent A Private AMC Theater For $99 & Watch Movies

When the pandemic hit, we all knew that places like movie theaters were going to suffer. After months in lockdown and spikes in cases, the theater industry seems to be partially doomed. Well now AMC is trying to come up with creative ways in order to get people back into the movie theaters. They are now letting a handful of customers rent out their movie areas for private screenings.


AMC’s revenue has fallen to a little under a billion dollars, which is 22% less than the same time last year. The movie chain could possibly fold by the end of the year so they had to come up with something quick. Alamo Drafthouse started the private movie screenings this year and has seen some success. There are various options for the theater rental, $99 dollars for older movies and more for newer ones.

There are various costs for food, microphones, lighting, or anything else you want to include in your reservations. You can also choose to pick newer movies you may have not seen for more money. Hopefully, enough people purchases these packages, so the theaters don’t end up folding completely. It would be terrible if we didn’t have the option to go to the movies anymore. What are your thoughts on this?

Video Source – ClownFish TV

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