An Inside Look At The Terrifying Experience Known As Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis – The Most Frightening Experience Ever 

Some say it’s the most terrifying experience you can have without being in any real kind of danger. It’s where you’re almost asleep but partially awake enough to be semi-coherent. However, you’re unable to move in any way shape or form. While in this state, you may hear everything going on around you. For instance, if your television is on or someone is in the room, you’ll be able to hear them. 

You’re natural response is to move your eyes, neck, head, something but you can’t. You try hard to move but nothing happens. In most occasions the person this is happening to will hear a loud pop and be able move again. But not before a certain level of fear and panic sets in. You can’t move at all but you’re mind and senses are moving at 1000 miles an hour.

In some instances people have said to have felt like hands where holding them down. Almost as if there were a group of people around them they couldn’t see physically holding them down. Others have said to felt like they had no power at all, that they felt completely stuck like in some glue. 

Could it be the mind playing tricks on us or something more? Could we be in a state where we are fully aware but relaxed and don’t know how to really handle it? Perhaps it’s a higher state of consciousness that we can learn from, or something sinister… 

Has this ever happened to you?

Check out the video by Woah12  on 12 terrifying facts about sleep paralysis 

Video Source – Woah12

Have you ever had sleep paralysis happen to you?

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  1. Some years ago like 10 years or so I was 18, and it was bed time, so I lay down after a hard day at school and work. It was around 3:30am and I also knew I was asleep but not full asleep. I usually wake up every night to go to the restroom, but that night as soon as I was trying to wake up, as I look up the ceiling where the lights are (the lights had a square shape glass holding the bulbs) I saw this black creature staring directlyyyy at meeee!!! And it turned (tilted) its head to stare at me better.I felt this coldness, numbness in my body that I could not move at all. I just closed my eyes as well and prayed the "our father" rosary. After I stopped praying I could start moving again. I did not even dared to look up again all that night. Worst thing ever!!!

  2. When I was a boy I would have Night Terrors. It was horrible. Then one night I went to bed kinda early and I slept down stairs. I woke up and found myself standing in my room and it was pitch black. I started feeling around for my water bed and when I found it I heard a cackling sound coming from the other side. I started to pray and all of a sudden I could see and their was a peace in the room. Nothing like that ever happen again.

  3. Yes, I had been kidnapped, robbed and raped by a stranger at a local university.  I had gone to my parents to rest because of the trauma. Went to sleep, but then "woke" up unable to move, open my eyes or talk,  but I could hear everything going on. For many nights I panicked when it was time to sleep that it would happen  again. 

  4. I've had this happen before they explained it right on it was the weirdest thing .couldn't move or talk and felt like someone was on top of me.i haven't heard anyone else experience this yet in the video it says only 8 percent of people will experience this happen so I guess I'm one of

    the 8 


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