The Roff Home – The Creepy Case Of Spiritual Possession

The Roff Home – The Watseka Wonder

Some people believe if a spirit has enough power, the spirit is able to take over the consciousness of a living human being. When this happens, the person then becomes the spirit that took over the body for a short time. The person who was once there gets suppressed by the spirit that has taken over them. Spiritual possession and in some cases demonic possession can take a paranormal incident to a whole new level. 

So if a spirit is able to take over a human, what could a negative entity do to a human? Well, this is one of those cases,  it’s actually the first documented demonic possession recorded in the United States. Most people at the time period when this happened weren’t too keen on the idea of possession. They thought it was some medical condition. 

That was until some witnessed what really went on in this house first hand………….

Even though there isn’t any solid proof that someone can actually be possessed by a spirit or entity. There are actual documented cases of spiritual possession, but this one… This is a different type of case. 

Check out the video and let us know what you think, could this actually be real or is it just another case of a medical condition?

Check out this video of a paranormal investigation by Believe A Paranormal Experience  at this house, it’s pretty creepy

Video Source- Believe A Paranormal Experience

Can Spirits Really Possess The Living?

Of course, we can’t really say yes or no without actually being possessed or having witnessed someone during a possession. Even then some people would claim that it’s some kind of psychological disorder when something like this happens. But if the person completely changes in ways that aren’t supposed to real, can we still explain that with science?

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