Paranormal Group Contacts The Ghost Of John Dillinger

The Ghost Of John Dillinger

John Dillinger was a gangster in the depression era of the United States, he was well known for robbing at least a dozen banks and for toting a Tommy gun. His crime spree is one of the most famous but he eventually met his end outside of the movie theater. John Dillinger’s path led around the United States and left nothing but horror and fear. Some say the ghost of John Dillinger is still around the Jail that he was locked up in for a while. Numerous people have said to have encountered the ghost of the infamous outlaw. 

Life in that era was hard, people couldn’t find jobs and they were depressed. Many people thought that there was no way out and that working a simple job wasn’t the way to go, they would rather do something bad and live in the moment. But It’s always been said and it’s the truth, live by the gun, die by the gun… But why would his spirit return to the jail he broke out from? Good question… check out the video to hear and see some creepy stuff! 

What did you think of this investigation?

Do you believe that’s the actual ghost of John Dillinger?


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