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The Real Untold Story Behind Vlad The Impaler – DRACULA

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The Real Story Behind DRACULA 

If you think that the REAL Dracula was some undead blood sucking vampire you’re very wrong. The real Dracula to some was a hero and others he was a Sadistic egotistical maniac.  Throughout time Vlad Dracula has become more of a myth and scary bed time story rather than a real person. When most people hear the name Dracula, they think of a vampire that can transform into a bat and fly around at night. They think of an immortal being forever cursed to walk the earth feeding upon the blood of the innocent. They think of all kinds of movies new and old that have told the story of Vampires and their evil father Dracula. 

So who was DRACULA?

Vlad Dracula was a king of Transylvania which is now in modern day Romania. Bram Stoker took the name from the real life warlord and he did so because he was extremely vicious and as blood thirsty as the imaginary character he created. Dracula disemboweled his own mistress and collected noses from the corpses of his enemies, he watched his prisoners die as entertainment and was said to have captured and impaled entire armies all at once. He was a ruthless leader that wasn’t afraid to do some very terrifying things to get his point across. 

A Maniac or a hero?

To his people he was a hero, he pretty much built the foundation of city and to this day it still stands. Some say he inflicted the madness upon his enemies so he would be feared and left alone. He lived in a time period where everyone was out to kill everyone else. But still who really was the man behind the cape? 

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