The Addams Family Mansion Is Inviting You To Stay This Halloween

As we get closer to Halloween, those of you who love spooky and creepy things are probably looking for something awesome to do. Well if you love The Addams Family and ever wanted to stay in their home, you’re in luck.

Haunted Hotels - Vrooman Mansion - ...
Haunted Hotels - Vrooman Mansion - Paranormal Activity Caught on Camera! is renting out a real life recreation of The Adams Family home just in time for this Halloween. The 19th century townhouse is located in Brooklyn New York’s historic “Cobble Hill” neighborhood. And don’t think that this is just going to be a simple theme because it’s not.

Living Room
Pugsley’s Room

The spooky manor features plenty of awesome recreations like being able to toy around with strange and weird machines in Pugsley’s room.  You can even see Morticia’s carnivorous plants, and see Wednesday’s beheaded doll in the living room.

If you want to be in the spirit of Halloween, then this trip is for you. The cost of the place is a little over $100 dollars a night. Booking is VERY LIMITED and will only be open for 4 exclusive nights. So if you’re interested check out for more information!

Wednesday’s Room
Master Bedroom

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  1. My daughter Rebecca who is 8 years old now recently saw The Addams Family movie and loved it. I think she would love it even more if she could stay the night at the mansion. I know it would make her year having that experience.

  2. I love the Adam’s Family the classic show I watch till this day watched all the movie all so . Me and my husband will be dreadfully gloomy to stay will have a shrikey awful time

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