Stephen King’s Maine Home To Become Writers Retreat And Museum

You can’t have a conversation about horror books, movies, and horror in general without Stephen King’s name not being brought up. He’s been all over the horror genre and it seems like his work isn’t going away anytime soon. He’s got a ton of on screen and television work coming out in the near future, as well as some more remakes.

You can’t forget about all the classics from books to movies to everything in between. Now his legacy will be on display at his home in the form of a museum for fans. The home will also be transformed into a writers retreat for the future Stephen King’s of the world.

The Bangor, Maine home is already a hot spot for fans. However Stephen and his wife are rarely there so they decided to do something with the house. Why not give would be future writers as well as fans something more than just an outside view of the house. Imagine being a writer and needing some inspiration so you end up at Stephen King’s home. I think that would be all the inspiration I would need, wouldn’t you?

However don’t think the house is going to be a regular easy accessible museum. Rather it will serve future aspiring writers and hardcore fans. There isn’t any word on when it will finally be open. In the meantime we can all hope we get a chance to see it ourselves.

Check out this video we found of Stephen King’s home by Mobile Instinct 2 and let us know your thoughts

Video Source – Mobile Instinct 2

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