Forget Your Ex Or Mother-In-Law, This Is The Most Evil Woman In History

The Most Evil Woman In History

When you imagine evil people, the last person you would probably think about is Mary Ann Cotton. Most people don’t even know who she is. When we think of evil people we think of people like dictators, rulers, conquerors, mass murders and so on. Most of the time we generally think that the most evil people in the world are MEN!

But some people even regardless of gender, race, etc. can be evil. What makes a person so evil that they don’t care about human life nor care about anything else in life? Why would someone hate everyone and not have any kind of conscious at all? 

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That’s a good question….

It’s almost as if some people don’t even have a conscious what so ever. They live life almost in a twisted reality, their only comfort and happiness comes from inflicting pain and misery on others. Why is it like this, is it because some people are naturally evil, or is it something else? Some people seem to have no moral compass what so ever. Life to them means nothing at all which is absolutely scary. Even worse is the fact that the some evil people act or pretend to be good people but live a hidden evil life…

SOURCE – Dark World TV

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