Strange Superstitions from around the world

Strange Superstitions from around the world

Now most of us have had one family member that has said some pretty far out things to us. It could be something that they believe that no one else believes. Most of the time it’s a superstitious thing that makes no sense at all to us, but makes perfect sense to them.

Maybe you come from a family that had superstitious thoughts that other families in your area didn’t. What makes us believe in things that we think could change our fate or others fate? Where do some of these things actually come from and who makes them up or creates them?

Who knows…

One thing is for sure, there are some superstitions that we all tend to believe in even though some of us don’t want to admit it. Maybe it’s going around a ladder or not dropping salt in order to stay away from bad luck, but does luck even exist?

Check out this video of some very strange superstitions!


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